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Feature in You Don't Know Jersey: New Jersey Musicians List their top 10 Albums Ever:





"Curse the Dark and Leave the Wolves Behind" 




"Battle Lines"













The kind Mr. Foxx Frequency made a Sonofdov playlist, THANK YOU! 


Live Recap from 8/18 by Just Music Thoughts



YDKJ Song Premiere: Sonofdov Covers ‘Misunderstood’ on Upcoming Wilco Tribute Album from Speak Into My Good Eye


Link for Communion Show Tix 

Thank You Ear to the Ground Music: 2016 Top 10 List 

#10 Sonofdov – “Ulysses”

Hit me where it hurts” sings the natural singer songwriter Son of Dov. Off of his extraordinary EP off the same name, it technically is not a ’16 release. However, I wasn’t able to get my ears around it until recently. Either way, this is a damn good song. Ethereal and atmospheric, it is bound to stay with you long after you play it. His voice is unique and quivers well with the gentle instrumentation. Dennis King, aka Son of Dov is bound to draw much deserved similarities to fellow New Jersey singer Bruce Springsteen. This one belongs on this list for this or any year." Matt Simon-Ear to the Ground Music


Honored to have my song "Spartan and Free" on the soundtrack for this wonderful film. 

"Wander" Soundtrack


                                                   @Wonder Bar-Asbury Park pic by Chris Rockwell