New Jersey based singer-songwriter Dennis King aka Sonofdov first discovered music on his family's out of tune piano and a stolen three string guitar. 

With a handful of self-released EP's, King's emotive voice pulls his listeners in as if he had a secret to tell them. A singer-songwriter who can be heard in films(Coyote, Wander),TV(PBS,Discovery) and Youtube playlists.  A 2016 NJ Folk Festival award recipient, King continues to write and record broken ballads for the weary wanderer. 

"The music of Sonofdov makes me feel something different with every listen" -Ear To The Ground Music 

"Singer-songwriter Dennis King, AKA Sonofdov,has a way of conveying universal feelings of yearning, sadness joy and searching for that something, that drives all of us", You Don't Know Jersey

"I heard King's music and it haunted me in the most beautiful way imaginable" -Just Music Thoughts

" a majestic four track EP with simple but surprisingly powerful folk, as the American masters the art of composing ballads that transport us and pierce us" -Ziklibrenbib(French music site) 



*Additional credits available upon request.