April 2019

Spring is here: "a Celtic wilting-glimmer." 

For the first time, I've decided to record an EP outside of my surroundings and get some help. Working with Skylar Ross has been nothing but fun.  He's been dedicated and open to my crooked approach. 

Me: "great studio, can I record in your bathroom"? 

Skylar: "sure man".

He's got a talent and ear for music and it shows on these new recordings, get excited!  

One cannot deny the ache that strings add to a piece of music and I've always heard my songs accompanied with strings.  I'm pleased to share that the new EP features the talented Tory Daines on violin and cello. So, now my already melancholy songs will have that Celtic wilting-glimmer, yes! 

Thank you for following and supporting my music. If you know me well, its been and up and down adventure while disappearing into the New Jersey void. In general, I've had "Quiet Victories" and I'm very thankful for my family, you and this life.

Keep checking back for the release.


                                       Pic by Skylar Ross-recording 2019

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  • Kumar

    Kumar Denver

    Great initiative. Keep going singing the song

    Great initiative. Keep going singing the song

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