"Battle Lines"..again 

May 2018

Happy Spring, albeit a hell of a soaker indeed. This month I release, "Battle Lines". I was going to hold off and put it out later in the summer, but I was compelled to share when I heard the world lost a fantastic songwriter, Scott Hutchinson from Frightened Rabbit.  As a fan, I was most drawn in by his kindness and humble approach.Theirs a battle within all of us and we all need a little help from each other now and then. A few shows scheduled this summer, but more music to share when you're ready?


March of the "Wolves" 

March 2018

Two feet of snow and more coming!

Well....I'm excited to release my new track "Wolves" via bandcamp and Spotify. I only have a couple scheduled live shows this spring, but plan on setting more dates for the summer. Listening to a lot of inspiring music and meeting genuine artists of late, which is giving me hope. Come spring, show yourself! 

A New Year  

Happy New Year! As I type this, the temperature reads 2 degrees, what? Busy writing and recording in my DIY confines for the next couple of moths, but happy to share this alt-version(acoustic) of an older song, "Without A Halo". The kind folks at Wave of Good Noise have released it via their wonderful Youtube channel.  In addition, another older song will see the light of day via Blowupradio.com  compilation on January 19. Be well out there! D-

"Without A Halo" 



Summer is here, but what the hell is " A Low Hush Keel"? 

July 2017

Feeling that summer haze! I'm pleased to share my new track "A Low Hush Keel". This past spring I headed into Skylar Ross Recording and recorded this track that had a strange working title. The title stuck, it happens, but I like the calming feel it gives me. Playing a couple more shows this summer and working on a new project, which I hope to share this fall. Thank you for listening in. Dennis 

A wee cock sparrar of recording! 

April 2017
Hey All-April is turing out to be a beautiful month. I've been busy recording new music and finished up my WILCO cover for the SIMGE charity album due out in May. On April 21st as a pre-record store day event, I'll be heading on over into Lancaster,PA to play an intimate set at Boho Zone Vinyl. Enjoy the weather and I hope to see you out there. D-

Communion Presents--Rockwood Music Hall--Dragonfly Music Cafe  

March 2017
What a week! beginning with Communion Presents at Rockwood Music Hall(NYC), where Matthew Santos performed a stunning set and of course I had to follow.  Later I was Joined onstage by the amazingly talented Matt Woods. We(he) closed my set with his version of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, brilliant! The night was a true humbling experience and just happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of it all. Hung with the boys from The Songwriters Gig podcast(pre-recorded) and discussed of all things, “songwriting”. Traveling back to my home state to perform an opening set for Russell Norchevich at the cozy Dragonfly Music and Coffee Cafe in Somerville,NJ. Thank You for coming and listening in , Much love D-

You can hit me where it hurts cause I don't mind doing time
and I sail my wooden ship right behind you
with thunder in my head from the fires of her heart
the city's still aflame when they found you

In the windows of the night I could see the burning light
bouncing off the lonely shadow in the cold
on the runway of our love it's coming faster then we can
making promises they we just couldn't hold

you can hit me where it hurts I don't mind doing time
and sail my wooden ship right behind you
with thunder in my head from the fires of her heart
a city a still aflame when we found you

write a message in the sand burn a candle for the man
for the light your burn will surround you
if you hold her like a rose, so hard to let it go
cause the silence is a curse when it fools you

Hit me where it hurts, hit me where it hurts,hit me where it hurts 
You can hit me where it hurts I don't mind doing time 
and I'll sail my burning ship right beside you.